I have benefitted a lot from my sessions with Mrs Mridula Goray in regard to my problems including tinnitus. She has vast knowledge & takes an integrated and holistic approach. she analyses the problem to the core ; and is very patient and understanding. Her knowledge in various related field is immense and this makes her unique in her field.

Engineer By Education He Is Associated With Big Multinationals Since Last 25 Years With Experience In Projects And Business Development – Delhi, India.

Mridula has helped me through difficult time in my life. She patiently and attentively listens to you, which is very important to understand the said and unsaid issues. I had the ability and strength to take control of my own life. Mridula helped me see it clearly. Thank you Mridula, for your guidance and caring demeanor.

Engineer By Profession, Retired Few Years Ago And Working In School Since Then – CA, USA

“The best part of this engagement is based on an unspoken bond between patient and therapist. The great experience and blending of techniques used by Mridula really helped me and my wife defining the right problem which is the most difficult part. She listened very carefully and then expertly modified treatment and options creatively to suit our real need and what’s right for us.”

Creative Enterpreuner – Thane, India

Mridula has had a huge impact on my career choices and has helped me to realise what I really wanted out of life. It is easy to believe your dreams of career success are the traditional dreams of climbing the corporate ladder. Mridula was instrumental in me understanding my strengths and deciding to become a consultant instead of pursuing an operational role. I realized I love change and enjoy working with different sectors and clients, an opportunity that consulting provides me. I am extremely fortunate to have met Mridulal at a key juncture in my life.

Freelancer Consultant – Australia, Project Management Achievement – National Winner Of 2018

Mridula Goray is my school-friend and known scholar since then. Her academic career was excellent. She stood first all the years, all the exams and all the subjects in school and also was successful in various other competitive exams. Mridula completed her engineering and excelled at work as well while in job with different big multinationals and reached to the level of vice-president. She left her lucrative job when she was just 48 just to follow her passion and blend all her skills together to help others! For me, she is always been my mentor since many years. In her mentoring, I could sense hidden Psychologist in her. Since last 4 years to be precise, she has been providing me her advice always on various occasions personally and professionally. Mridula being down to earth and warm person, brings warmth and wisdom in her practice. She helped me to see life situations in different perspective, to identify core strengths. She understands other person very well and has that expertise to handle, manage other person very well with empathy! I would recommend Mridula Goray as her holistic approach helps for overall well being and improvements.

Senior Professional And Writer – Mumbai, India