Change is the only Constant. In today’s rapidly changing and increasingly uncertain environment, one getting stressed is very common. It almost always goes unrecognized till it starts impacting daily routine.

Like the human body, the human mind too is susceptible to fatigue and ill-health and needs rest and healing to stay healthy and happy. The mind, however, is often taken for granted and the need for help is not acknowledged due to lack of awareness and social stigma.

For Individuals

Being happy and healthy in all aspects is 'well-being' – this entails moving from distress to performance enhancing eustress!

This can be achieved through structured mentoring, coaching and counselling around:

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Career And Corporate Counselling
  • A systematic well rounded approach to a “best fit career” move.
  • Managing dis-stress to a “conducive enabler” stress.
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Pre-Marriage And Marriage Counselling
  • Gauge “right fit” for appropriate and timely decisions.
  • Build healthier relationships for quality family life and happiness.
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General Counselling
  • Enhance family and other interpersonal relationships.
  • Handling emotional challenges for major changes in life or specific incidences.
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Single Session Therapy
  • One-time guidance for specific challenge redressal.

For Corporate

The socially responsible organization of today aspires to have an emotionally balanced work force that delivers their best as individuals and teams sustainably while supporting them through work related stresses and caring for their physical and mental well-being. Organisation and employees grow hand in hand. To this end, Holistic Mind+ can help organizations to support their employees across the board through counselling:

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Career Goals And Work Life Balance

Identifying one’s life goals and career goals, prioritisation, adaptation, managing stress as a “conducive enabler”.

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Decision Making

leverage requisite tools / techniques to create options, time being the essence.

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Change Management

Leverage “Change” as it is the only constant, effectively manage conflicts and adapt with it

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To intricately mesh the enablers – a winning mindset, sharp focus, ones strengths, apt communication for sustained success.