About Holistic Mind+

Mission & Vision

Enhance happiness quotient for blissful living and creating happy healthy ecosystem.

Blending ancient and modern techniques for a better life

In my corporate life, my role as Head of Operations for a Global Delivery Center required me to manage large multi country and multi-cultural teams and to handle global customers.

People Management – understanding the mindsets of all my stakeholders, and coaching and mentoring colleagues of highly diverse roles, age groups and the backgrounds – was a key success factor. Understanding the psychology of Individuals and interactions within Teams became a core strength of my corporate career.

Leveraging 28 years of people management experience, I made a career shift as a Counselling Psychologist and coach from 2017. Buddha says “The Mind is Everything, what you Think, you Become” . My Counseling Consultancy “Holistic Mind+” was born to understand mental hurdles encountered by clients in both professional and personal lives. And to offer personalized solution-centric approach, supporting them to overcome challenges like stress to achieve happiness and excel with “Holistic Mind”.

About The Founder

  • Ex-Vice President from IT MNC
  • Bachelor Of Engineering – BE
  • MA – Counseling Psychology
  • Developmental Psychologist, Corporate Counselor and Life Coach
  • CBT and NLP Practitioner

About The Founder

My 28 year career has been with leading Indian and European IT majors in working in leadership roles at global level. It has been an enriching journey in understanding and supporting teams and individuals, in developing the ability to read and empathize with the stress points and have a dialogue to support people to overcome their challenges and put in commendable performances.

Being a working mother in a typical Indian joint family, I learned to adapt and balance professional and personal live very successfully. In retrospect, it could have been easier if I could get a “helping hand” where the learnings could be quicker and experiences enriching. This very thought inspires me to share this through Holistic Mind!

My formal education (Bachelors in Electrical Engineering and Masters in Psychology) and Psychotherapies like Cognitive Behavioral Therapy – CBT and Neuro Linguistic Programming – NLP (as Practitioner and Coach) combined with my role & responsibilities has afforded unique insights into the overwhelming emotions and stress faced by individuals in today’s competitive work environments.

A true help can only be given by someone who is equipped with knowledge, experience and empathy and only then a path towards mental wellbeing and performance excellence can be charted. Many clients have benefited from this in last few years.

Study of occult sciences like Astrology (with a title of “Jyotish Visharad”), Graphology, Tarot card reading, Reiki/Seichem healing, Accupressure and Mudra adds to my gamut of skills. This unique aspect can be integrated as and if requested, in shaping the personalized solution for the clients. This blending of ancient and modern techniques helps for better life!