Healthy Mind Healthy body, Holistic Mind Happy life!

In the quest for fulfilling holistic happiness and growth one often ponders:

  • What is my happiness quotient today and how do I improve?
  • What is my performance today and whats my potential to excel further?
  • How do I discover self and interact with others?
  • What I am doing at present and what I want to achieve? How?
  • What I need to do and What assistance I can get and from where?

This is the right place you have reached for your way forward with Holistic Mind.

About Holistic Mind+

In my corporate life, my role as Head of Operations for a Global Delivery Center required me to manage large multi country and multi-cultural teams and to handle global customers.

People Management – understanding the mindsets of all my stakeholders, and coaching and mentoring colleagues of highly diverse roles, age groups and the backgrounds – was a key success factor. Understanding the psychology of Individuals and interactions within Teams became a core strength of my corporate career.


Change is the only Constant. In today’s rapidly changing and increasingly uncertain environment, one getting stressed is very common. It almost always goes unrecognized till it starts impacting daily routine. Like the human body, the human mind too is susceptible to fatigue and ill-health and needs rest and healing to stay healthy and happy. The mind, however, is often taken for granted and the need for help is not acknowledged due to lack of awareness and social stigma.

To provide key to rational thinking and define a step by step approach towards addressing hurdles of the mind

To learn to make appropriate decisions

To find gaps between the current and desired states and work towards them

To excel at ones chosen vocation


Mridula has helped me through difficult time in my life. She patiently and attentively listens to you, which is very important to understand the said and unsaid issues. I had the ability and strength to take control of my own life. Mridula helped me see it clearly.

"Thank you for your guidance and caring demeanor."

Engineer by profession, retired few years ago and working in school since then – CA, USA